How To Find The Best Pot For Monstera Plants – Things To Keep In Mind

When choosing the best pot for monstera, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to make sure that the pot is big enough to accommodate the plant’s root system. Second, you’ll want to choose a pot with drainage holes to help prevent the plant from becoming waterlogged.

And finally, you’ll want to make sure that the pot is made from a material that won’t absorb too much water, like plastic or glazed ceramic. Here are some other factors you need; with them in mind, you should be able to find the best pot for your monstera!

Things To Keep In Mind For Choosing The Best Pot For Monstera Plant:

How To Find The Best Pot For Monstera Plants - Things To Keep In Mind

Choosing the best pot for your plant is essential to its growth and health. There are many different types of pots you can choose from! For example, a ceramic pot or a clay pot are great choices for a monstera plant. Those materials allow air circulation, which is a must for plants to grow correctly.

There are two reasons why choosing a pot for your monstera plant is crucial. First, the size will determine how big your plant will get. Second, it will significantly affect the aesthetic value of the plant. The most important thing to consider is the size of the pot.

It is generally better to put a small monstera plant in a small pot. Likewise, a tiny monstera plant may be placed on a large pot to boost its appearance. The pot should be wide and shallow.

What Is Best Material For Monstera Plant Pot?

What Is Best Material For Monstera Plant Pot?

Let’s look at some different material pots for your monstera plant. Plastic pots are the most economical but can be harmful to the environment if you don’t recycle them. Wood is a good choice for a pot, but in my experience, it’s hard to get the plant to thrive in it.

I recommend using a terra cotta pot. It has a nice porous quality that absorbs excess water and allows the roots to breathe. It’s a good choice if you’re a beginner or only have one plant.

There are so many other pots used for Monstera, and each material gives a different touch to the look of the plant. For example, if you have a rough touch, you can choose a Ceramic pot to give a simple and clean look.

What Pot Size Is Best For Monstera?

What Pot Size Is Best For Monstera

Anyone looking to grow a Monstera should consider the pot size. There are a few different pot sizes to choose from. The most common pot size for growing Monstera is the half gallon pot. These pots are suitable for beginners and those just getting into indoor gardening.

They hold about half a gallon of soil, the standard for a good amount of soil for growing most indoor plants. They are easy to find at any nursery or store that carries gardening equipment. These pots are also the most versatile pots to use.

They can be used for either a single plant or an assortment of different plants, so you can easily find more pots if you’re looking to add more to your indoor garden.

Choosing Monstera plant FAQs

1.Do Monstera Plants Need Big Pots?

Monstera will do fine in a large pot, but it may get root rot if you don’t check the soil moisture. They prefer to have their roots in the air and to be able to “breathe”, so they don’t do well in a pot that is more than 20-25% filled with soil.

If you want to pot a monstera smaller than 9″ tall into a large pot, put some drainage holes into the bottom of that pot, then fill the bottom third or half of the pot with drainage rocks or broken pottery pieces. Then fill the rest of the pot with regular potting soil.

Plant your monstera with the potting soil up to the base of the leaves like you would with a regular pot. You will have to water more often than if the whole pot was filled with soil, but it should work fine, and the monstera will still do fine!

2.How Deep Should You Plant A Monstera?

Place your hand on the pot’s side underneath the soil. Gently rock the pot back and forth while pulling upwards. If the plant is in a hanging basket remove the entire basket (including the plant and soil) and gently place it.

Take the Monstera’s root ball and place it into the new planter. Make sure there is one inch space between the stems base and the planter top. If the plant is sitting too low the best way to remediate is to add some soil to raise the plant. Now, fill any empty sides with fresh potting mix. Water thoroughly.

3.How Often Should You Water Monstera?

The monstera is an excellent plant for beginners due to how forgiving it is. It should be happy as long as you water the plant about once or twice a week and don’t allow the soil to dry out. One of the most incredible things about having a plant is how much it can improve your life.

4.What Kind Of Soil Do Monsteras Like?

If you want to plant your monstera you need to lant it in a container with drainage holes and use a good quality potting soil with peat moss that drains quickly. Monstera plants love nutrient-rich soil with dense composition. However, these plants do not do well in compost rich pottting soils. If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, make a few in the bottom.


Monstera plants are relatively easy to care for, but they need bright, indirect light and regular watering to stay healthy. With a bit of care and a perfect pot your monstera will thrive and add a touch of the tropics to your home.

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