How Much Does A Bonsai Tree Cost?

Are you wondering what a bonsai tree costs? Understandably, a piece of art that has taken years to come to its majestic form won’t come cheap. Some bonsai trees are, in fact, hundreds of years old and very expensive. Yet, enthusiasts who appreciate the art are willing to pay for it without hesitation. But that does not mean you need a fortune to get a decent bonsai. You can easily find beautiful bonsais at your local nursery for just a couple of bucks. In short, it depends on how much you are willing to spend.

So different bonsais come at different prices. There are a couple of factors that add up to the price on the tag. What should you look at when comparing the prices of bonsais? What factors contribute to the price of the tree? Read on to understand all about bonsai prices before you buy yourself one.

Most Expensive and Cheapest Bonsai Price Range:

How Much Does A Bonsai Tree Cost?

Bonsai tree prices can range from around $20 to several thousand dollars. Sometimes, rare varieties may cost even a million dollars! The highest-quality bonsais are trained for generations and are worth every penny even if the price is tagged in a 5-digit figure. Not only are they expensive, but the best bonsai trees are also very rare.

However, if you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars, you can still enjoy miniature bonsais for around $20 to $30. They’re easily available at garden centers and won’t take too much thinking into buying one.

Factors That Affect The Bonsai Price:

Since bonsai trees come in such a wide range of prices, you must be thinking about what factors contribute to the figure on the price tag. Here are some of the variables that give a bonsai its advertised price:

  • Age:

Possibly the most important factor that gives the bonsai tree its price is its age. As the tree ages, it grows more legendary and expensive. The most expensive varieties are the ones that have been grown through the generations to turn it into the legend that you see today. You can guess the age by how mature the tree looks and the width of the trunk. The grower itself can give you the accurate age of the bonsai.

  • Tree Species:

Bonsai trees are made from a variety of tree species. Some of these are easily available and not very difficult to grow. Other species are rare and can be more of a challenge to grow into a bonsai. These rare, more challenging varieties will be understandably more expensive than others.

  • Trunk Design:

How Much Does A Bonsai Tree Cost

There are different techniques that growers use to train a bonsai. Some are easier than others. Some growers let the tree put on a few inches before chopping down the main trunk and allowing it to grow some more. This technique is easier to achieve but will not give an attractive tapering of the thick trunk. Other, more sophisticated techniques can result in a thick trunk and beautiful tapering. Depending on how the tree looks and how much the grower has invested into its existing appearance, the bonsai can cost differently.

What are some common Bonsai Price Examples?

Bonsai trees come at highly variable prices. To get a better idea of the picture, take a look at these examples of bonsai for sale.

  • Ficus Retusa: $18,000 to $19,000:

Belonging to the Ficus Micrrocarpa family, it’s one of the most beautiful bonsai trees out there. The tree can be over 80 years old and is a rare species that can grow both indoors and outdoors.

  • Trident Maple Bonsai Tree Price: $15,000 to $16,000:

Grown for over 100 years, Trident Maple Bonsai is a beautiful masterpiece native to China, Taiwan, and Japan. You can keep it both indoors and outdoors. The exact price depends on the age and design.

  • Crepe Myrtle: $6000 to $7000:

Grown for 50 years, Crepe Myrtle is a beauty in itself. The stunning bonsai offers year-round interest with pink-red flowers in the spring and orange leaves in the fall.

Bonsai Price FAQs:

Are Bonsai Trees Expensive?

Bonsai trees are mostly expensive since they take so much time and effort to grow. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a cheap bonsai. If you’re not willing to invest a fortune, you can easily find an elegant tree for $20 to $30.

How Much Is A 30-Year-Old Bonsai Tree?

The price of the bonsai tree increases as it ages. A 30-year-old bonsai tree can cost around $1000 on average. However, the exact price also depends on the species and the technique used to grow it.

How Long Do Bonsai Trees Live?

Bonsai trees are known for their age. If you give them the right conditions, they can live for hundreds of years! Some species have been known to live for up to a thousand years.

Is Bonsai Good For Home?

Bonsai trees aren’t just aesthetically appealing, but they can also bring a host of health benefits to the inhabitants. Having plants in the house reduce symptoms of dry cough, sore throat, cold and dry skin. They also reduce levels of stress and improve productivity.


By now you must have a fair idea about how much does a bonsai tree cost. You’ll know what to expect when shopping for a bonsai tree. No doubt they can be expensive, but the elegance they bring to your home is worth every penny. Nonetheless, you may not want to spend a lot on a bonsai, and there are many options in that case too.

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