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8 Major Watermelon Growing Stages- A Brief Guide

In this article, we are going to give a brief guide to the growth stages of watermelon. The stage of growth of a watermelon plant starts with fertilization inception and after it escorts to the growth of leaves and vines.

Are Snake Berries Poisonous

Have you ever found yourself tempted by the vibrant hues of wild berries while wandering through nature’s splendor? Snake berries, with their intriguing and enigmatic appearance, have captured the curiosity of nature enthusiasts and foragers alike.

Reasons Why Your Cactus Is Looking Glum - How To Fix Brown Spots On Cactus

You may have noticed that your cactus has become yellow or brown over time. This could happen for a variety of reasons. It’s not normal, and you’ll want to figure out what’s going on so you can fix any cacti issues.

How to Grow and Care for the Rare Colorado Rocky Mountain Pine Bonsai?

If you are a fan of bonsai species, the you will know just how unique of an addition Rocky Mountain Pine Bonsai will make to your bonsai collection. This rare, but highly sought-after Pine specie, holds a special place in the eyes of bonsai lovers.

What Are Rose Hips? 5 Amazing Ways To Reap Its Benefits

Rose hips bring a host of benefits. With its antioxidant and inflammation reduction qualities, it is often an ingredient of teas for cold remedies.

Most Expensive and Cheapest Bonsai Price Range

Are you wondering what a bonsai tree costs? Understandably, a piece of art that has taken years to come to its majestic form won’t come cheap. Some bonsai trees are, in fact, hundreds of years old and very expensive.

Plant With Pink And Green Leaves: Best Picks

While classic green plants have their own beauty, as a plant lover, wouldn’t you like to see something different every once in a while. Pink plants can brighten up your home interior or add a pop of color to your otherwise green outdoor garden.

Taking Care of Your Monstera Albo-The Basics To Getting The Best from Your Plant

Its shiny white and green variegated leaves, and long stems make it beautiful enough to be a conversation piece in any room.  No wonder it is a highly sought-after plant in the market today. But with this level of beauty comes the price of taking good care of the plant.

Monstera adansonii Varieties and How to Identify the Differences

The Monstera belongs to the family “Araceae” of flowering plants which consists of 49 species. Monstera adansonii Varieties is also one of the 49 species, and together they are called Aroids. The Monstera has its lineages from the South and Central America.

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