Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation: What’s The Difference?

Variegated monsteras are surely the showpiece of any respectable houseplant collection, with their stunning green and white marbling, voluptuous foliage, and imposing size. But did you know that there are actually several species of variegated monstera each with a unique origin and variegation pattern? This article will examine Monstera deliciosa. ‘Thai Constellation’ and Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo Borsigiana’, are two of the most popular and most beautiful variegated monstera. Look at the differences between monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation.


Despite their similarities, the origins of these two plants couldn’t be more different! Monstera Albo originates from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Where its stunning variegation is the result of a rare but natural spontaneous mutation.

Monstera Thai Constellation was genetically engineered through tissue culture in a laboratory in Thailand! It does not exist organically in nature and this lab is the only place in the world that produces this rare monstera variety.


The variegation patterns of each plant are the best way to distinguish between monstera Albo vs Thai constellation.

Monstera Albo’s variegation is recognizable from its large, almost snow-white solid patches. Marbling pattern, whilst monstera Thai’s pattern displays smaller splodges. The speckles of warm, creamy, off-white markings.Thai Constellation monstera is so named because its variegation pattern is reminiscent of stars twinkling in the night sky.

Albo monstera has sparser foliage since its leaf nodes are typically farther apart than the Thai monstera. As a result, Thai produces a denser, thicker, foliage, whilst Albo will grow taller and more narrow. So are well suited to climb around a moss pole.

Thai Constellation monstera also produces considerably larger leaves with a maximum span of three feet whilst. Albo Borsigiana leaf span is more constrained, around 12 inches maximum.


Variegation is the result of a mutation caused by a lack of chlorophyll, producing white or pale-yellow marbled or patchy patterns on leaves. Chlorophyll is the compound that gives plants their bright green color and allows them to capture energy from photosynthesis.

Because the variegation in monstera Albo is spontaneous. Its variegation pattern is unstable and there is no guarantee that a new leaf will be variegated so the variegation pattern can put the plant under stress if it impedes photosynthesis. For this reason, the Albo monstera requires a higher level of care. If Albo leaves become too white, they will lack the chlorophyll necessary to perform photosynthesis.

The palest leaves will soon die. Eventually, the entire plant will become so weak that it cannot sustain itself. You should also prune fully green leaves to prevent the entirety of the plant from reverting to green. Letting just a few green leaves remain to ensure they can photosynthesise.

Thai Constellation is genetically engineered to have an astable variegation pattern consistently throughout the entire plant, so you won’t have to prune foliage to retain its variegation.

All of its new leaves will be variegated. Your monstera Thai will always have sufficient chlorophyll to perform photosynthesis effectively, so won’t revert to green. Stability, however, does not mean predictability, and the markings on each leaf will still be unique. Albo’s foliage may have a mixture of solid green, solid white, and variegated leaves.

The stable variegation of Thai means any cuttings will also be variegated. To propagate Albo, however, you must take cuttings from already variegated leaves. But there is no guarantee that new foliage will maintain the pattern. All-green cuttings will not contain the mutation necessary for variegation, and all-white cuttings will not contain enough chlorophyll to be viable.

Monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation – Where To Buy And Which Is Rarer?

Both varieties are rare, so you are unlikely to find either of them in a standard nursery or garden center and may need to look to more specialist boutiques or online retailers to find a variegated monstera for sale.

Thai Constellation originates from a single laboratory, so availability can fluctuate depending on supply and demand, as stock can sometimes be limited.Thai can be purchased either as cuttings or as mature plants.

Monstera Albo are generally rarer because of the difficulties of reproducing their variegation. They are almost always sold as cuttings from a mother plant. When purchasing an Albo monstera cutting, it’s important to view it first to ensure that it has a viable amount of variegation.

This is not necessary with the Thai, as all cuttings will contain and produce viable variegation. It’s incredibly rare to find a mature Albo for sale, and they are very expensive.

Monstera Albo vs Thai constellation – Which Is More Expensive?

Both varieties of variegated monstera are considerably more expensive than standard monstera plants due to their popularity and rarity. Thai Constellation monsteras are typically the cheaper of the two since they are far easier and more reliable to reproduce. The difficulty in reproducing Monstera Albo means they command higher prices.

Are There Differences In Care For Monstera Albo vs. Thai Constellation?

In terms of care, both plants are relatively similar. It’s vital to get the light requirements correct for both species of variegated monstera since their partial lack of chlorophyll means they struggle to photosynthesise efficiently with insufficient light.

They will require more light than a standard monstera deliciosa and will grow at a slower rate. It can be difficult to strike the right balance between adequate light to maintain the variegation, but not so much light that the pale parts of the leaves become scorched.

Monstera Albo may need slightly more nuanced light conditions than Thai Constellation to prevent it from reverting to green. In addition, the Albo monstera will require more pruning than the Thai monstera to maintain its variegation. Light requirements aside the two plants are very similar in all the other aspects of their care and have much the same requirements as a standard monstera plant.

Monstera Albo Vs Thai Constellation – Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing between monstera Albo vs Thai Constellation? The Thai is a slightly easier plant to care for although its pattern may not be quite so aesthetically stunning as the Albo. Some people prefer the tall, spindly growth habit of the Albo, whilst others prefer the bushy foliage of the Thai. In terms of expense, the Thai is generally more budget-friendly, and easier to procure, but if you have the budget, Albo is sure to be a showstopper.

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