Taking Care of Your Monstera Albo-The Basics To Getting The Best from Your Plant

Monstera albo is an elegant and tropical plant that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s hardy and grows vigorously, making it the perfect plant to add some green to your home or office.

Its shiny white and green variegated leaves, and long stems make it beautiful enough to be a conversation piece in any room.  No wonder it is a highly sought-after plant in the market today. But with this level of beauty comes the price of taking good care of the plant.

So, this article covers everything you need to know about caring for your monstera albo, from light requirements to watering schedules and common monstera albo problems.

Monstera Albo Variegation

The unique variegation of monstera albo is something you’ll notice right away. It’s just stunning and pretty unlike any other plant you can grow in your house or office.

Many monsteras will develop white variegation markings on their leaves as they grow. These parts of the plant lack chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for the green color in most flowers.

The white sections of monstera contain mutated cells that bar sunlight from being absorbed by this part of your plant.

Knowing the variegation of your monstera albo is important because it helps you determine the amount of sunlight your flower needs.

The variegation will fade if you expose your plant to an environment that’s too hot. With this, ensure to avoid direct sunlight and very dry conditions.

Watering Your Monstera Albo

The most important step in caring for your Monstera albo is watering. But before you do, check that your plant’s soil is still moist by sticking your finger at least an inch or two into it.

If the soil feels dry, water immediately and thoroughly to allow all excess moisture to drain from its base.

Try not to over-water though, as it can cause root rot which is fatal to your plant. Plants should be watered at least once a week but can be watered every other day if needed.

The best schedule to water your flower should be based on how often it needs water rather than keeping track of every single watering session.

Light Requirements

These plants require very bright, indirect sunlight. They will do well in a north-facing window, but never in full sun.

Keep your monstera albo away from windows that receive a lot of direct light during midday hours and try to rotate them often so that all sides get equal amounts of light.

If you have trouble finding an ideal spot for your plant, supplement with fluorescent or LED lights. Those who live in areas where sunlight is limited during certain times of the year can benefit from artificial lighting.

What’s the Right Humidity?

If you live in a humid climate, you probably get questions about your monsteras constantly. If your monstera albo borsigiana doesn’t receive enough humidity or light, it could become brown and wilted.

The right humidity level for your plant could be anywhere between 20 and 65 percent. However, enhancing the amount of humidity in your home with a plant humidifier could make your plant healthier.

Does Monstera Albo Need Fertilizer?

When it comes to fertilizing a monstera albo, balance is key. If used incorrectly, too much fertilizer can burn and kill your plant.

Start by testing your soil for nutrients. You can purchase a kit at a home supply store and test how acidic or alkaline your soil is.

Once you have the soil information, select an organic fertilizer that includes ingredients like bonemeal, bat guano, and worm castings.

The Ideal Soil Mix

Variegated monstera albos need a very well-draining soil mix and prefer an acidic soil environment.

For a 10-inch potted plant, dig a hole that’s about 6 inches deep and add enough potting mix consisting of perlite, coco coir, peat moss, worm castings, and other organic components.

Keeping the Leaves of Your Monstera Albo Clean

Your Monstera Albo’s leaves may be covered in dust or pollen. Wipe them clean with a soft, damp cloth.

If you notice an infestation of bugs, place a few drops of insecticidal soap or spray on a cloth and wipe your plant’s leaves.

Be sure to rinse well so there is no residue left behind. Wait for five days before putting your monstera albo back in direct sunlight after using either solution to avoid burning its leaves.

How to Propagate Monstera Albo

The following are the two main ways to propagate.

Propagating Monstera Albo in Water

Monsteras have a very unusual propagation method that involves growing new plants in water.

To do this, find the node of your plant and cut it two inches below. Then place your cutting in water and cover it.

After about two weeks, you should see new roots and leaves starting to emerge. Eventually, you can transplant your little monstera albo into soil.

Propagating Monstera Albo in Moss

This tropical plant can also be propagated through stem cuttings placed in a solution that encourages rooting.

Carefully place your monstera albo cuttings on top of moss in a sealable plastic container filled with water up to about an inch from its base.

The moss will absorb water from underneath and slowly release it back into your plant as needed. To keep it happy, change out your water every week or so and make sure it never dries out completely.

Common Monstera Albo Problems and How to Fix Them

Monstera albos that lack ideal growing conditions may experience the following problems.

Yellow Leaves

Yellow leaves in your monstera albo are an indication of over-watering. Too much water can cause root rot in your plant.

To fix this problem, pull your monstera albo out of its pot and inspect its roots while removing the rotten sections.

Place your plant in a paper towel and allow it to dry before returning it to its pot with new soil.

Brown Leaves

Stagnant air may cause you’re the leaves of your monstera albo to turn brown at its tips and edges. This usually happens when you put your plant in a corner that has air circulation problems.

To solve this problem, always place your plant in an area where it can breathe easily.


The best way to ensure your monstera albo lives a long and happy life is to treat it right. Give it the right amount of light, water, clean its leaves and love it like you would any other living thing. Most importantly, do not forget to check and fix any problems your plant might have on time.

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