What Are Rose Hips? 5 Amazing Ways To Reap Its Benefits!

Rose hips bring a host of benefits. With its antioxidant and inflammation reduction qualities, it is often an ingredient of teas for cold remedies. Apart from rose hip tea, which you’re probably already familiar with, there are tons of other benefits and uses of rose hip. Let’s find out about this unique ingredient and how best to use it and enjoy all the amazing benefits. 

What Are Rose Hips?

Rose hips are the seed pods of the rose plant. You can see them attached to the stem once the rose fades off the plant. They are the size of a berry and typically red or orange in color. Yellow, purple and black rose hip also exist, though. Ripen in late summers and are edible, offering a range of health benefits. 

Benefits Of Rose Hips:

You wouldn’t want to miss out on these amazing benefits.

If you’re not using rose hip, you should start doing it now! You wouldn’t want to miss out on these amazing benefits. 

  1. It’s an excellent source of Vitamin C. This makes it an effective remedy for cold and flu. 
  2. It’s a powerful antioxidant and its regular use can improve your immune system. 
  3. It’s anti-inflammatory properties makes it a useful remedy for pain relief.
  4. It carries antibacterial properties, making it an effective home remedy in relieving symptoms of urinary tract infection. 

How To Use Rose Hips: 5 Creative Ways:

Now that you know all the amazing benefits rose hip offers you with

Now that you know all the amazing benefits rose hip offers you with, don’t you want to find out how to use the secret ingredient? Here are some common uses of rose:

Rose Hip Tea:

You can make rose hip tea using fresh or dry rose hips. When making it with fresh rose hip, just steep 4 to 5 rose hips in boiling water. Leave it for 15 minutes. Serve it warm. If dry rose hip are available, add 1 tablespoon of chopped, dried rose hip in boiling water, allowing it to steep for 15 minutes before straining and serving. Rose hip tea is an effective remedy for cold and flu. 

Rose Hip Syrup:

Rose hip syrup is another form in which you can consume

A Rose hip syrup is another form in which you can consume the ingredient for relief from symptoms of common cold. Process 2 cups fresh rose hips, 2 lemons, ½ inch ginger root, in a food processor. Pour it out in a pot with 2 cups water and bring the mixture to boil. 

Let the mixture stand covered overnight. Strain the liquid out in a container using a cheesecloth. Pour the liquid into a pot and bring it to boil. Continue cooking on low flame for about 20 minutes. Add honey and remove the mixture from heat. Allow it to cool down before transferring it to a jar. Take a spoonful regularly to enjoy the benefits of rose hip syrup. 

Rose Hip Jam:

Rose hips are a star ingredient for jams. Add fresh rose to a food processor and process until smooth. Transfer to a pot and add sugar to taste. Turn on the flame, allowing sugar to melt. Add lemon zest and juice. Turn the flame to low, allowing it to simmer for about 20 minutes. Continue stirring occasionally throughout this time. Turn off the flame, allow the jam to cool down and then transfer it to jars.  

Rose Hip Scrub:

Did you know about the benefits of rose hip tea for skin

Did you know about the benefits of rose hip tea for skin? Yes, the antioxidant properties of the ingredient can give you a glowing skin if used regularly! If you’re specifically interested in rose hip’s skin care benefits, yo may want to make yourself a homemade rose hip scrub!

Mix together 1 cup chopped rose hips, 2 tablespoons honey and ½ cup olive oil. Rub the mixture over your skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 

Rose Hips Vinegar:

Rose hip vinegar can be a unique addition to the dinner table. And it’s easy to make too! Cut the top and tail of rose hip, wash them and pat them dry. Transfer the rose hips to a jar. Fill the jar with cold white wine vinegar. You can store it in a cupboard for 6 to 8 weeks. 

Rose Hips: FAQs

How Do I Harvest Rose Hips?

The best time to harvest rose hips if after the first light frost in winters, since it sweetens the flavor. However, harvest them before any hard frost, since it may freeze them. The best rose hips for harvesting are the ones that are firm and have a bright red or orange color. Pluck off the ripened rose hip from the stems. 

Trim off the stem end the blossom end of the hips with sharp scissors. Slice them in halves and remove the seeds. Seeds have a hairy convering and can be irritating so you don’t want to consume these. Rinse them and use them in whichever recipe you plan. 

How Do I Dry Rose Hips For Tea?

Once you have prepared them by rinsing them, trimming off the ends and removing the seeds, lay them out on a tray. Leave them to dry under the sun. Let them darken and shrivel up. This may take a few hours if it’s sunny. 

Can Rose Hips Be Stored?

Transfer the dried rose hips to an airtight jar. In this way, rose hip can be stored for up to a whole year! Use them as needed to make rose hip tea. Fresh rose hip will stay fresh up to a week when stored in the fridge.

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