Plant With Pink And Green Leaves: Best Picks

Plant With Pink And Green Leaves: Best Picks

While classic green plants have their own beauty, as a plant lover, wouldn’t you like to see something different every once in a while. Pink plants can brighten up your home interior or add a pop of color to your otherwise green outdoor garden. Plant With Pink And Green Leaves: Best Picks.

You can find a range of elegant plants with leaves striped, speckled of variegated with shades of pink alongside the usual green color. The world of rose colored plants opens the possibility to dicsover some of the most amazing patterns and shades that you’ve never seen before.

Best Pink Plants To Bring Home:

Take a look at our list of unique plants with pink and green leaves and you’ll surely find something that’s worth a spot in your home. 

Indoor Pink Plants:

Here are some stunning pink houseplants to elevate your home interior.

Stromanthe Triostar:

With its variegated long leaves in dark green and pink, the plant brings a beautiful tropical feel to your home. In the best conditions, Stromanthe Triostar can grow up to 3 feet in height and 1.5 feet across. Place the plant in bright, indirect light to ensure its attractive colors don’t fade. Native to the tropics, it likes a humid atmosphere. If the room isn’t humid enough, mist the foliage with water every few days to keep the it humid enough. 

Philodendron Pink Princess:

Philodendron Pink Princess, Philodendron erubescens, is another variegated pink plant for keeping indoors. You can grow it in pots but the trailing vines and pink leaves will create a stunning picture when grown in a hanging basket. Grow the plant in bright, indirect light and medium-high humidity for best results. 

Mosaic Plant:

Mosaic plant or Nerve plant, Fittonia Albivenis, is a beautiful choice for any home interior. The dark green leaves on the plant have bright pink leaves to give it a distinctive feel. It’s relatively easy to grow and prefers low to medium lighting. Keep the soil evenly moist and the atmosphere sufficiently humid for it to thrive. 

Rose Calathea:

Calathea roseopicta, is a tropical plant that will easily grow indoors

Rose Calathea, Calathea roseopicta, is a tropical plant that will easily grow indoors. Its patterned leaves have pinkish undersides for an attractive look. Itenjoys bright, indirect light, high humidity and moist soil. 

Outdoor Pink Plants:

Some outdoor plants also have vibrant pink foliage. Depening on the species, they can be sun-loving or shade-loving. Here are some good choices:


Cordyline, Ti, is a stunning ornamental to grow in your outdoor garden if you live anywhere in the USDA growing zone 9 to 12. You can also keep it indoors. The long, leathery leaves have shades of green, yellow, red, pink and purple. It’s a hardy plant when grown in the preferred zone. Give it a spot with bright light and water it each time the surface feels dry. 


Coleus is a beautiful, low-maintenece choice for your garden

Coleus is a beautiful, low-maintenece choice for your garden. The colorful foliage comes in patterns of green, yellow, pink and maroon. It’s a tender annual that’s typically planted outdoors once all dangers of frost have passed. It can grow in full or part sun and will need to be watered each time the soil surface feels dry to touch. 


Caladium is another multi-colored plant to grow in your outdoor garden. The leaves have striking patterns of green, white, pink and red. You can grow them in shady or semi-shady spots. Though the variety grows as a perennial in zones 9 to 11, you can grow them as an annual or overwinter them indoors if you live in a colder zone. 


Weigela shrub is a bush plant with pink and green leaves. The striking green foliage is variegated with pink, making it a stunning choice for edging and borders. You can also grow it in containers. The variety flowers best when grown in full sun. though it will also grow in part shade, you won’t see many blooms. Grow it in moist, well-drained soil and prune it regularly to keep it in shape. 

Pink Plant FAQs:

What are the plants called with red and green leaves?

There is no single plant with red and green leaves. Many species exist with foliage in shades of red and green. Some of these include Red Aglaonema, Angel Wings, Coleus, and Ti plant. 

How do I find which plant I have?

If you already have a plant with pink and green leaves but don’t know it’s name, it’s not difficult to identify it. Several apps exist that can help you find its name. You can try PlantSnap or PictureThis to identify your plant. Just take the picture of the plant, put in the app and the tool will instantly give you the name of your variety. 

What is the name of the plant with purple and green leaves?

Just like pink varieties, you’ll find several plants with leaves in shades of purple and green. Some of these include Wandering Jew, Purple Velvet, Prayer Plant and Purple Oxalis. You can easily find a stunning purple plant to make the focus point of your room. 


There are all sorts of beautiful, colorful plant varieties to grow both indoors and outdoors. Explore and entire range of unique species to plant depending on your interests and the climate you live in. Give it the optimal care it asks for and the plant will return the favor with bright colors to brighten up your home.

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